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CEO Tony Timm Featured on The Iowa Podcast

CEO Tony Timm was recently featured on the Iowa Podcast to discuss children in central Iowa and his previous role supporting Iowa's homeless population. In the interview, Timm expanded on the homeless population in Iowa due to his previous experiences leading Central Iowa Shelter and Services but focused on new challenges central Iowa children face arising from the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the interview, Timm discusses the hard work ahead of him and Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Iowa volunteers. One issue he expanded on is the new group acclamation challenges. Today, group activities and collaboration are more of a challenge than in the past, stemming from long periods of isolation over the pandemic. Relationships with friends and relatives are crucial for children's social skills and brain development. Timm also explained BGCCI's focus on financial literacy and mental health issues. It can't be said enough that our children are our future. The decision to help them now isn't just good for the kids of Iowa, but our entire community as they grow into adulthood and give back to our community. In an age of tension and divisiveness, one area Iowans are aligning on is our children. They deserve a strong future and Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Iowa is excited to lead the charge in preparing them for their futur

Tony Timm Featured on The Iowa Podcast


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