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Knorr Cooking Class

Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Iowa was selected by Boys & Girls Clubs of America to participate in a virtual healthy cooking class lead by incredibly talented chefs from Knorr.

At Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Iowa, we want to teach kids and teens how to live healthier lives. Good health requires practice. It means not only having a place to go where you get the chance to run, jump, kick, throw, and high-five; it also means eating right and having the knowledge and confidence necessary to choose wisely.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Iowa’s Healthy Lifestyles programming helps young people learn that informed decisions about health and social issues can mean the difference between a life without options and a life filled with hope.

Throughout this cooking class, our Club members had a blast learning new skills in the kitchen, chatting with our friends at Knorr, and enjoying some delicious chicken lettuce wraps!


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