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COVID-19 continues to impact our communities, including our youth. All Des Moines public schools remain closed as the District transitions to online and distance learning to complete the 2019-20 school year. This, unfortunately, means all Clubs are closed until further notice. This is unprecedented.

We’re hearing the word “unprecedented” continuously, whether from the news media, friends, family, neighbors or coworkers. We’re also hearing words like “surreal” and “challenging” used to describe the COVID-19 pandemic devastating our country and our world. The lines between home and work are gray and fuzzy, and far from normal for most of us.

We understand how hard this is. Our daily lives have been intensely disrupted and changed. Social interaction is a critical part of youth development and we worry about the effects of isolation. Please keep in touch – virtually – with us. We want to hear from you. It is our intention to begin Summer Club as soon as it is safe to do so and with the approval of the Des Moines Public School District.

At local Clubs, staff and volunteers are calling on inner fortitude and resolve to focus on those who need us most. The staggering efforts that have taken place over the last few weeks are nothing short of miraculous. Around the country—and right here in Des Moines—Clubs are rising to the occasion, serving meals to those in need and delivering innovative virtual programming. There are hundreds of stories of Clubs providing hope during these extraordinarily difficult times. I have never been more proud to lead a group of such amazing team members!

Coming together for the greater good is a core strength of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Iowa and our federation, and I couldn’t be more grateful to see so many opening their hearts and reaching out to help others. We are better, and we are stronger, when we come together in the face of adversity. I could not be more honored to serve alongside you than I am right now. Thank you for all you have done, are doing and will do in the days ahead. There is no higher honor than to serve those in need.

In the meantime, please check back here for information and resources for at-home programming, fun activities and updated information on when Clubs will reopen. Also be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

You may refer to Des Moines Public Schools website for further information on their shift to online learning. (


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