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Thank You to All Donors for Opening the Door to Great Futures Today, Tomorrow, & For Generations to Come!

Donating to Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Iowa has never been easier. Give online with a credit card using our secure form, donate by phone at 515-242-7925, or download a donation form and mail to: 

Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Iowa

1421 Walker Street, Des Moines, IA 50316


Lifetime Giving Societies

Recognizes those generous individuals who have demonstrated their deep commitment to the Clubs by contributing a minimum of $250,000 during their lifetime. These caring individuals are improving the future of our community by providing critical resources to help Clubs implement successful programs and serve more young people.

Philanthropists - $2,000,000+

BJ and Tiffany Baker

Gregory* and Suzie Glazer Burt

Michael Frazier* and Mell Meredith Frazier

Maddie Levitt*

Ellen Glazer Ziegler*

Benefactor - $1,000,000+

Richard O. Jacobson*

Mentor - $500,000+

Greg and Andrea Abel

J. Barry* and Michele Griswell

Richard* and Jeanne Levitt

Leader - $250,000+

Don and Margo Blumenthal

Julie Evans*

Steve and Cathy Lacy

John Ruan Foundation


Club Blue

These generous individuals have committed to helping kids on an ongoing basis with their recurring monthly gift, inspiring youth to build great futures. Join Club Blue here.

Jenni Boyles

Bobby and Makayla Brown

Tom Cavanagh

Jessica Kagemann

Nathan Paulsen

Meredith O`Brien

Jessica Ringena

Clayton Short

Brett Smith

John Smith

Matthew Tursi

Chris Williams

Aaron Wills

Tony and Roxanne Wilson

Dawn Wright


Heritage Club

These generous individuals and families have made provisions in their estate plans to ensure that BGCCI can continue to serve children in our community for years to come.  

Betsy and Bryan Boesen

Donald and Patricia Brandt

Suzie Glazer Burt

David Chapman

Greg and Brenda Cushing

Charles Day*

Deniz and Michael Franke

Matt and Bridget Fryar

Krista Gorsche

Chris and Terry Grady

Annamae Heaps

Annamae Heaps

Kim and David Hegedus

Dakota Karthan

Martie Larsen and David Klinkenborg

Maddie Levitt*

Julie Moore

Dave Olson

Julie Ross

Patsy Tobis

Jodie and Brad Warth


The Jeremiah Milbank Society

These generous individuals have made annual investments of $10,000 or more to

Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Iowa.

Greg and Andrea Abel

BJ and Tiffany Baker

Don and Margo Blumenthal

Bryan and Betsy Boesen

Harry and Pamela Bookey

Suzie Glazer Burt

Stephen and Lorri Caster

Greg and Brenda Cushing

Edwin T. Meredith Foundation

Dennis and Candy Elwell

Linda and Andy Flynn

Deniz and Michael Franke

Mell Meredith Frazier

Matt and Bridget Fryar

Chris and Terry  Grady

Jill and Mark Oman

Matt Pfaltzgraf

Evan and Erin Powers

Rich and Kim Willis


Building Futures

These generous individuals have made annual investments of $2,500 or more, providing access to Club services for at least one child for the entire year.

Jerry and Holly Brantley

Chad and Nicole Bruntz

Burnett Family Foundation

Pati and Jason Burt

Chris and Linda Cook

Patty and Jim Cownie

Tiffany and Morgan Deal

Tony and Kim Dickinson

 Easter Family Fund

Onnalee and Mike Gettler

Jeff and Lisa Glazer

Sarah and Tom Graf

Wayne and Karolyn Graham

Christine and John Halbrook

Molly and David Harris

Chick and Shari Herbert

John R & Zelda Z Grubb

     Charitable Foundation

Scott and Nikki Johnson

Craig and Joan Johnson

Gary and Sue Kirke

Steve and Cathy Lacy

Linda Glazer Toohey Foundation

Jennifer Lock Oman

Colleen MacRae Wittmack

Chelsea McCracken

Edward and Alissa McGreen

Reed and Christina McManigal

George and Deb Milligan

Michael Rodriguez

Julie Ross

Tom Rupprecht

Roger Brooks and Saulene Richer Brooks

Paul and Claudia Schickler

John and Mary Kay Smith

Brett and Abby Smith

Stanley & Mary Seidler Foundation

Bill and Wicker Van Orsdel

Bill and Linda Weidmaier

Kathleen and Larry Zimpleman


Creating Hope

These generous individuals have made annual investments of $1,000 or more, providing field trips and transportation for one Club member for the entire year.

Cory and Emily Abbas

Erin and Bill Bailey

Bonnie Benesh

John and Julie Bruntz

Burns Family Foundation

Joe and Paula Cerne

Joe and LaNee Ceryanec

Joann Chambers

David Chapman

Don and Mary Coffin

Bethany Cooper

Whitney and Ty Cowman

Gisele and Steve Crowe

John and Kamie Davidson

Genevieve and Ross Dean

Brian and Kelly Deimerly

Amy and Matt Dinville

Kori and Mike Ensley

Phillip Fay

Sam and Rochelle Fisher

Jonathan Fletcher

Mick and Emilie Frazier

Rosalie Gallagher

Pamela and Duncan Gallagher

Dave and Sandy Gibson

Steve and Lynn Graves

Steve Hauschilt

Michael and Debbie Hubbell

Chuck and Jaina Johnson

Toby and Becky Joseph

Ross Junge

Ric and Carol Jurgens

Bruce and Susy Kelley

Aaron and Karen Kennedy

Doug and Penni Kumm

Cynthia and Bob Lidgett

Richard Long

Marty and Laura Martin

Doug and Kate Massop

Dan and Joanne McPhail

Steven and Kelly Medina

Dean Miller

Jeff and Brenda Miller

Marcie and Jay Morrison

Bill Noth

Mary O'Keefe and Scott Valbert

Doug and Heather Olson

Dave and Holly Olson

Christine Popolo

Cullen and Alissa Powers

Kathi and Kevin Prien

Jeff and Sarah Rader

Duke and Carole Reichardt

Stephen Ricklefs

John and Nicole Ridgeway 

Jessica and Jason Ringena

David and Kris Saggau

Martin and Sherry Schafer

Lana and Charlie Schafer

Erica and Joshua Schultes

Ryan and Lezlee Schutty

David and Heidi Slinker

Julie and Tom Swank

Dawn Taylor

Tony and Channon Timm

Sean and Jennifer Vicente

Travis Wachendorf

Annette and Jim Wallace

Rick and Marcia Wanamaker

Joe and Tiffan Yamen


Inspiring Leaders

These generous individuals have made annual investments of $500 or more, providing meals and snacks for one Club member for the entire year.

Abbott Pitts Family Charitable Fund

David and Liz Adelman

Joe and Leslie Aiello

Thomas Annis

Nancy and Ken Arlen

Margaret Baur

Rod and Trish Bean

Joe Benesh

Connie Boesen

Maya and Eric Boettcher

Andrew and Jacqueline Brittingham

Robert and Marlene Buckley

Thomas and Bonnie Busse

Stan and Cindy Clark

Jeff and Laura Coller

Jack Connolly

Mike and Connie Dickinson

Janet and Duane Dinville

Lizzy and Rob Dixon

Adam and Heidi Drake

Julie and Mason Eggleston

Nate Franje

Jean Fritscher

Haas Family Fund

Kelly and Yvette Hakes

PJ and Renee Hamlen

Travis and Rachelle Hines

David and Stephanie Horak

Larry James

Jessica Kagemann

Kelsey Knowles

Peggy Krueger

Levitt Foundation

John and Jean Matovina

Heather and Chris Matson

McCullum Family Endow Iowa Fund

Kevin and Dana Meier

Betsy and Matthew Mitchell

Teresa Nelson

Jim and Jeanne O'Halloran

John and Erin Osier

Randal & John Stern Fund

Carolyn and Adam Ruan

William A. Rutledge

Blake and Heather Scott

Clayton Short

Todd Sommerfeld

Rachel and James Stauffer

Carrie Stephens

Julia Tentinger

Mike and Vickie Tousley

Matthew Tursi

John Tursi

Kim and Anthony Vasquez

Vince and Casey Ward

Sumner and Karen Worth

* Denotes Deceased

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