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BGCCI 2024 Annual Report

As we enter 2024, I am filled with a profound sense of pride and gratitude. Pride in the critical work of our mission, and pride in this incredible community that has supported our organization and the kids we have served for over 60 years.

2023 was a historic year–we celebrated our 60th anniversary with an unbelievable outpouring of generosity from all of you, our dedicated supporters. Suzie Glazer Burt and Deniz Franke led our Event Committee, Board of Trustees, and Board of Directors in hosting an unforgettable evening that honored our founding families and cast a light on what this organization has accomplished. I am grateful many of you were there to celebrate with us, and that you continue to entrust us with the resources needed to inspire and enable our young people to reach great futures.

To our Club families, you entrust us with the most precious resource of all–your kids. Thank you for your belief in us, and in our ability to sustain a Club environment that prioritizes the physical and emotional safety of your children.

To our Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Iowa team members, thank you for all you do. Our work is not easy. Each day you come dedicated to creating structure, stability, empowerment, and opportunity for the youth we serve.

To our Des Moines community, I can only express my heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering belief in our mission. Your investments allow us to provide opportunity, support, and resources to hundreds of Club members each day.

Our structured and outcome-driven programs have always been a tenet of Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Iowa; and this year, quality programming that truly meets the needs of our youth and their families will continue to be a central focus.

We all are aware of the workforce development challenges in our community and nation. Out-of-school time programs are uniquely suited to address these challenges, but it will require a consistent, ongoing effort to solve them. To ensure the next generation of young people are prepared for their futures, it will take all of us–BGCCI staff, volunteers, community members and funders–working together to make it happen.

- Tony Timm, Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Iowa CEO


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