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Maker Madness At Club

By: Monica Post, STEM Coordinator

BGCCI Members have been focused on being Makers this winter. So, what is a maker and what does that have to do with STEM/STEAM? A maker is an individual that creates useful items. For example, makers can make a toy, tool or something edible. The key is that there are multiple skills used in making the item. For example: makers might make a costume. That may involve cutting, sewing, gluing, printing, painting…. Not just one technique but many. Makers may be inventors…but more often they are recreating something that already exists. Still confused?... Adam Savage, from the Discovery Show Myth Busters, is a maker. He has made spacesuits, storage cabinets, specialty tools etc. Being a maker melds creativity with innovation. Skills that will be useful for life.

BGCCI members have been making a variety of items this past month. The very youngest members have been making paper airplanes, baskets and more. Older elementary members are making air propelled cars and hydraulic robots.


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